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Handmade Frames

Family photos and art paintings/photographs aren’t only highly decorative but they also give your home a touch of individuality and in a way, its own personality. But you can achieve the right effect by using photos or artworks only if you put them in the right frame. Besides giving the photograph or artwork an additional appeal and accent its beauty, the frame often has a decorative effect on its own. But only if it is handmade. The cheap versions that can be found in supermarkets for instance look cheap and don’t have any decorative value whatsoever. In addition, they often ruin the beauty of an artwork and take away that unique character of family photos.

Where to Buy Handmade Frames

Specialised stores and workshops are the best places to look for handmade frames. They typically offer ready-made frames but there is usually also an option to have them custom made, allowing you to really make a statement with your photographs/paintings. Handmade frames are slightly more expensive but besides having a decorative value on their own, they allow you to truly accent your photographs/paintings and give your home a unique character.

Choosing the Right Frame

The more the decorative the frame the greater effect it will achieve. But in order for the photograph/painting to look right and give your home an additional appeal, it is of utmost importance for it to match the style of the photograph/painting and the style of your furniture and décor. Obviously, contemporary art painting won’t look right in a Baroque-style frame nor will a beautiful oil painting achieve the right effect in a modern looking frame. For the very same reason, you should also keep in mind the style of your furniture and décor when looking for the right frame. The last but not the least important is to pay attention to the dimensions. But don’t simply choose a frame that matches the dimensions of your photograph/artwork. Keep in mind that some photos and artworks look best within a larger frame.

Materials Available

Regardless of the style of your photographs/paintings, you can never go wrong by choosing a wood frame. Just like wood furniture, wood frames come in a variety of styles and designs which makes them a perfect choice for just about every photograph/artwork. Glass is another fine choice, especially for free standing photographs adorning you fireplace or bedside table.

A useful tip: Be particularly careful when choosing frames for artworks. Besides making sure that it matches its style, you are also highly recommended to make sure that the frame doesn’t overshadow the artwork. Keep in mind that you want to draw attention to the artwork and not to the frame.