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Handmade Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes aren’t really meant just to keep your jewellery safe and organised but they also have a highly decorative effect. This is especially true for generously sized handmade versions which are made to impress and inspire. After all, beautiful jewellery deserves nothing less than a beautifully made box to keep it safe and easily available at the same time.

Styles and Designs

Handmade jewellery boxes come in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from simple rectangular boxes to little pieces of furniture with dividers, drawers, necklace holders, etc. They can look ultra modern and they can look like the Victorian treasure holders. Finding one that will complement your bedroom’s style and make a statement at the same time therefore shouldn’t be a problem.

Materials Available

Most people associate jewellery boxes with wood which is the most popular choice. It is a durable and classy material which can easily be incorporated into just about every setting. Also, a wooden jewellery box serves its main purpose – keeping the jewellery safe – perfectly. Other common materials include leather and fabric (covering wood, fibreboard or similar sturdier material), metal, polyresin, cardboard and even glass. Larger jewellery boxes, however, are almost always made from wood or metal.

Advice on Buying Handmade Jewellery Boxes

If you want your jewellery box to help your keep your jewellery organised and safe, and have a decorative value at the same time, you are recommended not to make any compromises when it comes to functionality and aesthetic appeal. Since each person has slightly different preferences when it comes to jewellery, finding a box that will both look stunning and feature all the needed compartments, small earring posts, etc. may take some time. But considering the huge offer of beautifully handmade jewellery boxes, there is most certainly at least one out there that meets your needs and taste for beauty perfectly.

Besides making sure that the jewellery box is both functional and aesthetically appealing, you are also recommended to pay attention to quality of workmanship. Handmade items are usually made with an extra attention to detail but there are also many cheap imports (in many parts of the world, hand manufacture is a cheap alternative to mechanised production), don’t assume that you are getting high quality just because the jewellery box is handmade.

Making Your Own Jewellery Box

Why not make your own jewellery box? You don’t need to be an artisan nor you need any professional tools to make one yourself. When you choose the material and dimensions, you can have all the necessary pieces cut to the right dimensions by a professional. Then you simply assemble the various pieces together, decorate/paint the box and you are done.